Anarchy Radio

01-24-2012 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
News observations, Occupy viewpoints and other politics (e.g. ABCs, Weinberg, Jensen). "Unfettered technological development [anonymous]," action news.

03-16-2010 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Anarchy and B.A.S.T.A.R.D. conference last weekend. Local call-ins plus calls from Kansas, Indiana, Pennsylvania. Subversive art news. More on Black bloc and indigenous.

10-11-2011 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Pretty much the whole hour about the Occupy movement. Several MEEBOs and calls.

07-13-2010 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Civilization means gassing the geese, âlifeâ coaches, robots, nutritionless food, cyber cheating. Action news, assorted books.

02-15-2011 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Egypt, et al.! Abstract Expressionism, urban pathologies, drilling/pipeline disasters. Fine action news, Why I Don't Call Myself a Primitivistâ discussion.

06-21-2011 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Ocean life collapsing. DGR debate, part 4. Vancouver hockey riot. Food from poop! Shootings, ads of the week action news. One call.

09-14-2010 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Bringing it all down before all is lost! Biofuels vs. food, global water crisis. Resistance news. Zizek, and Gungadin Lohar last weekâwhat a contrast in approaches!

11-15-2011 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Occupy Portland. Penn State, China, mega-mammoth energy projects globally. Action reports.

11-23-2010 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Lethal stampedes: Cambodia to Black Friday. Technology uber alles. Ad of the week. Action review, Derrick watch. More on Anvil Review #1.

12-20-2011 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Arizona trip (viz. Oâodham benefit event). Facebook, end of privacy, digital imperialism. Fine Travis the Chimp story, Occupy updates, action news.

01-18-2011 - John Zerzan
Tunisian insurrection. Shootings, weather. What is Insurrectionary Anarchism? (anon.), Michael Beckerâs Anarcho-Primitivism. Quotes/ads of the week. Action reports, calls.

05-17-2011 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Drowning Cajuns, exploding Chinese watermelons, French kissing via Internet. Action news. Herzog's Chauvet Cave film. Faster and faster goes the techno-immersion.

01-19-2010 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Further discussion of AVATAR and a call from Nekeisha in Memphis on that subject. Report about Madrid and Brighton visits; comments on Haiti, Pacifica Forum protests. Action news.

08-17-2010 - John Zerzan with Kathan Zerzan
Christian primitivist dialogue. International action news. Fakebook, disaster spreads, This is Your Brain on cyberspace. How an anti-civ narrative connects with the present.

09-20-2009 - John Zerzan with Tim Lewis
Guest: Kathan Zerzan. Anxiety, genocidal wars, suicide rates rising: fruition of civilization. Action news and the energy afoot; culture of resistance? What is our practice when riots and sabotage do not seem generally available? Kathan Zerzan finding art-oriented folks more creative and potentially radical than leftists. Explored relationship between secessionists, militia types and primitivism.