media appearances

"Artist protests fencing off of homeless"
Free Hacksaw distribution
Channel 12 News, Portland, OR
March 2004

FBI file 100-Hq-461889
declassified March 1999

Ed Dorsch “a spring of outrage and dismay”
Oregon Quarterly, Volume 78, no. 3
Spring l999

John Zerzan, Acknowledgments, Elements of Refusal
Paleo Editions/C.A.L.Press
Columbia, MO

Romel Hernandez “The Graduation Gap”
The Sunday Oregonian
June l6, l996

Randy Gragg “Six naked, plastic-wrapped art students protest plight of homeless”
The Oregonian
December l9, l996

“Views of the News”
Eugene Register-Guard
December l9, l996

AP Laserphoto
“Kathy (sic) Zerzan protests Against U.S. policies in Lebanon and Grenada”
Yakima Herald Republic
October 27, l983

Rudolph Unger “County Hospital braces for strike”
Chicago Tribune
November, l976

Rudolph Unger and James Strong “Judge orders nurses back to work”
Chicago Tribune
November 5, l976

Rudolph Unger and James Strong “Nurses face court hearing”
Chicago Tribune
November 9, l976

William Juneau “l2 striking nurses cited for contempt”
Chicago Tribune
November 18, 1976

STATE OF OREGON cite as 6 Or. App. 300
August, l97l

John Lanier “Police, demonstrators clash on ROTC”
Emerald University of Oregon
April l6, l970

“Four stay in jail, police on campus”
Emerald University of Oregon
April 20, l970

Wayne Eastburn, Photo
“Kathryn Zerzan, l9, of Eugene is led away by Eugene police detectives”
Eugene Register-Guard April 20, l970